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A long time ago, there were two clans. A selfish clan that studied magic and a noble clan that lived as one with nature. Many years, they dwelled in discord until the day came when the evil sorcercers of the magic clan conjured a portal to a hidden dimension.

Through the portal there came strange beings whom the sorcerers sought to befriend. But these beings had not alliance on their nefarious agenda. With superior technology, they exterminated many sorcerers and subdued the peaceful clan.

Alas, today is different. The alien order has finally lost control and is engulfed in chaos. The clans tapped into new strength and now fight for liberation. The time has come to settle their in-born disagreement and to reclaim the ownership of what has been under the alien dominion.

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A Message from the Team

You've come to the webpage of Masters of Conquest, an online multiplayer video game. This game features three distinct races that come from three different backgrounds, possess unique abilities and weave a separate thread of the game's meta story. Below you will find more information relevant to the Masters of Conquest Universe, downloads and other. To play the game, you are required to install the latest client and have a persistent internet connection. Don't forget to visit the development blog to get some idea on recent updates and patches. This is also where you can connect with the development team, report bugs and request features. Cheers, see you online!




Game Rules

Control heros and units to destroy your opponent.
Build structures to capture territory.
Take over half of all available land to win.


Konstantin Yurchenko, Jr.
Joe Greive
Dylon Burke
Mathew Garrison
Alex Rohn
Dan Rainhert
Hannah Harte
Ian Sutherland
Matthew Dalton
Oli Grant
Rob Hayes


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In a universe of eternal conflict, three factions challenge one another for total domination. Choose your faction, defeat your enemies, conqueur the planets. Become the Master of Conquest!