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A long time ago, there were two warring clans. The selfish clan pursued dark magic and the noble one safeguarded nature. Many years, they lived in deep conflict, until one day the sorcercers of the evil clan reached mastery and inside the worldly void opened a gateway to heaven.

Unbenknownst to all, the gateway produced forth strange beings which the clans began to regard as their saviours At last, there was unity in the world. The kind everyone has longed for. However, they did not realize that by offering peace the clans paid a heavy price. These saviours came not as friends but as cruel conquerors. With their alien technology they subdued the noble clan and cast the sorcerers into exile.

After a long time in bondage, the oppressed clans finally found strength to retaliate. All though not united, they scaled back the invasion and fractured the alien order. This caused the beings to retreate and to abandon their new dominion. Though the war was over the clans did not find lasting peace. They were once again at the crossroads of hostility awaiting for the alien race to return.

A Message from the Team

You've come to the webpage of Masters of Conquest, an online multiplayer game. This game features three distinct races that come from three different backgrounds, possess unique abilities and weave a separate thread of the main story. Below you will find more information about each of these and other aspects of the Masters of Conquest Universe. To play this game you are required to install the latest client and have a persistent internet connection. Please, check out a crude rendering of the main conflict's backstory. This is how it all began and now no one knows how it will end but as you know it is really the journey that makes everything count. We hope you will enjoy what we have so far and thank you for stopping by! Oh, almost forgot! Visit our development blog to get some idea on our progress. This will also connect you to our development team and give you fuller insight. Cheers and until the next time!

Game Lore and Information

Settler Race

It is not known where this race comes from. One thing is clear their technology transends the technology of the current world. Most speculate that they originate either sometime in the future or in a parallel universe. However, it is noteworthy that though they are advanced, they can be annihilated.

Hero settler

Planet settler

Banner settler

Key Traits: Tech faction | Insect-Like | Static Electricity/Charge | Hive Mind | Space Nomads | Robotic | Organizing | Drones | Autopilot | Singularity | Silicon Based Life Form | Ability Based




These are the original people. They are strong of spirit and atuned to the universal balance. They nurture nature and in return nature helps them. Unlike, their evil brothers the Fallen they know how to forgive and are always willing to help a friend. Justice, courage and love are their main principles.

Banner genesys

Planet genesys

Hero genesys

Key Traits: Nature faction | Intuition | Instinct | Healers | Tribal | Nature | Life-force | Freedom | Altruism | Skill Based



Fallen Faction

Cheats, thugs and fiends are their middle name. They disdain everything holy. They serve evil and organize around anything that feeds their egos and fuels their vice. Blood sacrifice and ritual are not uncommon when they are around. They have only one objective and it is to attain immortality.

Hero fallen

Planet fallen

Banner fallen

Traits: Magic faction | Demonic | Demented | Seek Immortality | Sorcery | Decay | Mob Mentality | Rituals | Blood Worship | Egoistic | Talent Based



Game Objective

Conquer worlds by capturing planetary territory. Once some territory is captured, a shrine of the player's faction is erected claiming it. Factions compete to take over other factions' shrines and erect their own. Shrines create spawns that the players command and use in battles. This dynamic gives players various warfare advantages and enables strategies. Alongside, advanced NPC mobilization, players can also use abilities and items.

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Current Version: v 0.40
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In a universe of eternal conflict, three factions challenge one another for total domination. Choose your faction, defeat your enemies, conqueur the planets. Become the Master of Conquest!

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